Student Guide to Study in Malaysia

With its world-class education system and strong international reputation, Malaysia is an increasingly popular study destination for international students interested in education abroad. Malaysia has about 70,000 international students from more than 100 countries studying in private schools, international schools, colleges, private universities, foreign universities branch campus and public universities.

The International students are enrolled in a wide range of disciplines at every level of education, including short-term and professional courses, diplomas, bachelor degree and other post-graduate studies such as masters degrees right through to doctoral degrees.

Why choose Malaysia as a study destination?

Some of the common reasons are:

Accredited and High Quality Education Programs

All educational institutions in Malaysia is closely monitored by the Malaysian Education Ministries through their quality control authorities such as National Accreditation Board (LAN) and the National Quality Assurance Body, and appropriate legislation such as The Education Act, 1996, the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act, 1996 and The Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007. The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)is set up to implement and enforce the Malaysian Qualifications Act 2007.

This ensures that higher educational institutions both private and government owned provide comprehensive world standard range of education programs supported by the latest educational tools and technologies. Malaysia’s internationally recognized broad based curriculum and high quality education will equip students with relevant qualifications to succeed in a competitive environment thus form a strong foundation for future success. As part of the government’s effort to promote tertiary education in Malaysia to foreign students, a goverment information website was set up.

Working While Studying for a Degree

Our student-friendly laws allow holders of student pass or permit are allowed to work while studying for their degree for up to 20 hours part-time per week during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days (subject to immigration requirements). This will enable you to earn extra pocket money during your stay here.

Competitive Tuition fees

Malaysia’s colleges and universities are very reasonable and highly affordable course fees, among the lowest in the region. This makes Malaysia a popular destination for good quality education at very competitive rates and cost-savings.

Low Living Cost

The cost of living for international students in Malaysia for comfortable living is as low as RM20,000 (USD5,000) a year. This amount includes food, accommodations and transport. Students can choose between on-campus or off-campus accommodations: college hostels, apartments, link-houses and condominiums.

This represents a great savings of living expenses. A contributing factor towards the low living cost is the Malaysian Ringgit is less expensive compare to other currencies from countries like the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.

Comprehensive List of Diploma and Degree Courses

International students can choose from a comprehensive range of courses, programs and other study options offered by hundreds of Malaysia’s universities and colleges. Some popular study options include unique collaborative degree programs such as twinning degrees & 3+0 degree programs. Malaysia is well-known for its undergraduate ‘2+1’ twinning degree programme, which offer a cost-saving route for quality education and qualifications from reputable international universities in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and France.

Classes Conducted in English
English is the Medium of Instruction of private colleges and some government universities. It is also commonly used among Malaysians, making living and studying easy for students.

For those less proficient in the language, most colleges also offers English Proficiency classes. Picking up the language is easy because Malaysia offers an environment ideal for those who are interested to improve their command of English.

Multicultural Studying Environment

Malaysia offers another crucial aspect of a student’s education – living and interacting in a multi-ethnic, multi-culture and multi-religion country. Not only can international students interact with the three major races in the country i.e. Malay, Chinese and Indians as well as the other minority groups, they are also exposed to other students from different nationalities. Experiencing a diverse culture, languages and religions will broaden students’ outlook and will benefit students in an increasing globalised economy.

Hassle Free Immigration Procedure for International Students

International students who wish to study in this country will find that the administrative process easy and without hassle.

Stable Government and Geographically Safe Country

Malaysia with its all year round tropical climate is free from major natural disasters. It has a strong economy and is a socially safe country with a stable government and a low crime rate, making it an ideal place to study.

Enjoyable Student Life

Malaysia has an efficient public transportation system supported with modern infrastructure. Traveling is very convenient, quick and inexpensive and this allows you to also visit the many places of interest for tourists. Many students fall in love with the Malaysian food which has a huge variety of cuisines. Being multi-ethnic and multicultural, Malaysia is a food paradise offering a wide array of local food from different cultures in Asia as well as a huge variety of Western food. All this makes for comfortable living while you study.

Facts About Malaysia

Malaysia is the 43rd most populated country with a population of about 27 million. Malays make up half the population, followed by chinese and Indians. The official language is Bahasa Melayu.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. Putrajaya is the federal administrative capital. For more information : Information on Malaysia